Job Search Australia – HELPING A FRIEND GET A JOB

Jobs in Australia

We all know someone who is looking for a job. It may be your friend, your neighbour or even your father. The jobs are there, but matching people and jobs is not a small task.

In this large peaceful island of Australia we are blessed with the lack of wars and conflicts and we have plenty of time to set aside to do a good deed. Helping someone to find a job can be life-changing for that person, allowing them to support themselves and their own family. Take these simple steps:

1. Enquire if the person is internet savvy. If not offer to take the time to prepare a resume for them using the Word template. Set up an email address for them. If they cannot use the internet offer to divert their emails to yourself, making sure that you pass on any messages concerning job interviews. It may be that there is a teenager in the home who is prepared to take on this responsibility.

2. If the person can use the internet they can be advised to search job boards such as or New jobs are being offered on a daily basis. The majority of jobs are only on the internet. Relying on the newspapers will not give the sheer amount of jobs that are being offered.

3. Sometimes a person is looking for a job that hundreds apply for such as administration or factory work. This person should be encouraged to consider re-skilling so that they do not have to compete in an oversupplied job market. The same as a job as fitting shoes to horses is almost redundant today many jobs there are new jobs in IT, science, multi-media and many more. Trades are booming with air-conditioning mechanics and panel beaters finding work very easily. People of all ages are taking advice from careers counsellors to re-think their occupations in terms of earning potential and job satisfaction.

4. Age is a huge barrier to employment. The Federal Government has recognised this and is now offering incentives to employers to take on those over fifty. Conditions apply. Together with the age barrier comes the inability of many people to understand that they need to have today’s skills for many jobs. People without current computer skills will be virtually unemployable in an office environment. Excavator operators need to be skilled in using laser equipment to get the top jobs. The employment world has changed significantly.

5. Being illiterate can make it very difficult to get a job. There are safety regulations that need to be adhered to, licences required for many jobs and paperwork to fill out as part of a job. The same applies to English conversation. Good clear communication skills come first when an employer is choosing his workforce. Inability to understand can lead to safety issues and the inability to perform the job properly. If you are serious about helping someone to get a job you must convince them to work on their reading, writing and English skills.

6. Encourage your friend to continue to apply for jobs, to attend all interviews and to put their best foot forward. Even if they have to take a pause for a year or two to re-skill the rewards at the end of the line will make it all worthwhile.


Author: Leonie Ben-Simon ©