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Swapping Jobs Tips

Did you know that most people have five different jobs in their lifetimes? We have moved from one job per lifetime when we were stuck in one job with no alternatives to a situation where we have choices.

Underground mine. But as most of us live in the big city we do have options which are open to almost everyone.

Here are five good reasons to swap jobs, and how to do it:

1.     Swap jobs within a company:  And held a responsible job serving behind the counter in a car parts retailer.  She enrolled in a management and IT course at university, taking lectures in the evenings and studying all weekend for three years.  Upon completion she spoke to her the owner of the company where she was working and obtained a promotion to sales manager, concentrating upon setting up an online sales division for the company.  Her wage more than doubled.

2.    When you are unhappy at work:  Tim did not enjoy his day at all. His work-mates in the butcher’s shop were rude, inconsiderate and nasty.  His boss ignored their behavior, only being interested in having the work done.  Tim checked out the vacancies on the Jobstar website ( found a better job in a suburb closer to his home and moved.

3.    When the pay is miserable: The major reason for moving jobs is when you believe that you can do better financially.  This requires a certain amount of self-confidence.  Prepare your resume, take advice if necessary to construct it for success and begin lodging applications for that new job at a higher wage.

4.    When you are sick and tired of your job:   Two questions come up here: what else do you want to do, and are you trained for another job?  Keep your existing job whilst you are preparing to move and answer those two questions, giving them a lot of thought.  We are fortunate enough to live in an era whereby you can change your life and be happy.  It may take months or years of training once you make that decision, but it can be done. Barbara hated her job sorting fruit at a packing company, but after retraining she is now a security guard with flexible hours and a higher wage.

5.    Your job is going to be made redundant:   You can see the writing on the wall.  There may be a merger with another company.  You could be training people offshore to take over your job.  Orders may be going down, and with it your job and your whole company.  Consider your options before you find yourself with no job to go to. Begin by checking jobs online at Jobstar ( Make decisions on lifestyle, re-training and re-location.

So don’t ever feel that you are stuck where you are – be flexible and be prepared to make that move if it means spending time on training and education, or simply moving jobs.  What may seem like a bad scenario may just turn out to be an opportunity. More of Australian Careers